OCOVA : Pioneer of the Ecological Transition in Mountains

20 February 2024|

OCOVA : Pioneer of the Ecological Transition in Mountains 🏔️ OCOVA, the Mountain Ecological Transition Forum, celebrates 20 years of impact and innovation ! ✨ About OCOVA : For two decades, OCOVA has been the [...]

Digital twins and interoperability for aquaculture

24 May 2022|

Strong presence of EGM this week on the subject of digitalization and interoperability of sustainable aquaculture management systems: On Wednesday May 25th, our CEO Dr Franck Le Gall will discuss the interoperability of digital aquaculture [...]

European Data Week

15 May 2022|

Data Week is the spring gathering of the European Big Data and Data Driven AI research and innovation communities. In Data Week, the participants share knowledge and results, discuss topics of common interest, find synergies, [...]

FIWARE Smart cities brochure

20 April 2022|Tags: , , |

FIWARE has produced a guide for the digital transformation of cities. Making a city "smart" means managing services more efficiently and inclusively and making the city into in ICT enabler for innovation. It also means [...]

The measure for Sustainable Agriculture!

24 January 2022|Tags: , |

EGM seeks to address the lack of innovation in agriculture in particular to address the new challenges of sustainable agriculture. (Our projects : Agriculture – EGM) Although, there have been many developments in the last [...]

EGM video corporate

20 January 2022|Tags: , , |

EGM at the heart of the digital transition of territories and companies! From data capture (IoT) to data processing and transmission (LoRaWan, SigFox, LTE-M, NB-IoT, etc.), EGM is present throughout the data value chain. [...]

EGM published in Revue Travaux!

9 November 2021|Tags: , , |

Our connected watering solution for the city of Saint-Quentin, which was awarded the FNCCR Water Conservation Trophy, was honoured at the release of No. 971 of the Revue Travaux in September 2021. This project, which [...]

The smart camera for carpooling!

22 September 2021|Tags: , , , |

The Pyrénées Orientales Council is currently deploying carpool parking on its territory. To ensure that these car parks are useful, it is necessary to understand how they are used and whether they are used appropriately [...]

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