The European Horizon 2020 project IMPAQT supports Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) which is recognized as a promising solution for the sustainable development of aquaculture.

IMTA concerns the integrated farming of several species of different trophic levels very close to each other. One species is intented to complete another. Aquaculture of fed organisms (fish or shrimp) is combined with the culture of organisms that extract dissolved inorganic nutrients (seaweeds) or particulate organic matter (shellfish) and hence, the biological and chemical processes at work balance each other.

IMPAQT is a European project aimed at promoting and supporting the eco-intensification of aquaculture production systems inland (including fresh water), coastal zone, and offshore. The benefits are:

  • High quality fish and seafood
  • Long-term food security
  • Minimize the environmental impact
  • Towards a circular economy model business
  • Sustainability of the EU aquaculture industry
  • Securing EU markets

EGM is contributing by building the Data Aggregator System (DAS). This gateway allows to interface the sensors deployed on AMTI sites with the cloud platform.

Its design responds to the challenges of the maritime environment, like limited internet connection and absence of electricity.