OCOVA : Pioneer of the Ecological Transition in Mountains

🏔️ OCOVA, the Mountain Ecological Transition Forum, celebrates 20 years of impact and innovation ! ✨

About OCOVA : For two decades, OCOVA has been the catalyst for significant changes in the responsible management of mountain territories. Founded in 2004, this one-of-a-kind forum has been at the forefront of discussions on the ecological transition, bringing together innovative minds and experts to explore sustainable solutions.

Three Major Themes :

At the heart of our common mission, OCOVA explores three major themes, thus forming the contours of a more sustainable mountain future :

Energy Performance ⚡️:

  • Stimulate innovation for cleaner and more efficient energy solutions.
  • Shape the energy landscape of mountains for future generations.

Drones 📹 :

  • Use drone technology for environmental monitoring and preservation of mountain ecosystems.
  • Explore new ways to integrate drones into responsible land management.

Valorization and Exchange of Territorial Data ♻️ :

  •  Promote collaboration and the exchange of data to optimize the management of mountain territories.
  • Identify innovative solutions for the ecological transition through the use of territorial data.


EGM was able to present its tools for water management and the valorization of your data, through the work of the European SEDIMARK project.

SEDIMARK objectives:

👉 A decentralized + open source marketplace

👉 A catalog of data: FAIR, certified clean + safe + GDPR compliant, enriched, completed, annotated, etc.

👉 Intelligent distributed tools + services (including AI and analytics)

👉 Trust management techniques

here is our presentation : 240206 EGM-OCOVA