Several press articles have echoed in recent months the innovations that EGM offers on the market. It started with a promotion of our EdgeSpot product by Mikroe. The EdgeSpot is a multi-connectivity module for the simple and rapid deployment of IoT use cases, with numerous power supply possibilities (including solar) and local computing capabilities using artificial intelligence (AI) calculations . This module includes 3 slots for open standard MIKROE Click boards™ daughterboards. The Mikroe catalog, rich with more than 1000 cards, allows the EdgeSpot to offer an almost infinite number of different combinations

Then l’Embarqué described our capabilities for implementing this EdgeSpot module in a complete IoT acquisition chain. This interview highlights the need to work upstream on the expression of the expected return on investment, which often starts with establishing a precise diagnosis of the situation, from which decisions can be made and progress measured. Decision support is obtained by crossing data from several professions and from several sources (IoT, SI, GIS, document, multimedia) and this article explains how EGM is based on the ETSI open specification and the components of the FIWARE community to offer open-source and standardized territorial data platform solutions.

Finally, La Tribune , which had designated EGM as an ‘Innovation Factory‘ in 2019, describes this year how EGM has evolved to be able today to transfer to territories and within companies, the innovations developed within major RTD projects. These concern subjects as varied as digital twins, traceability in biomass value chains or the management of the data life cycle, starting with the characterization and improvement of its quality.

Don’t hesitate to come and discuss it with us at the Mayors and Local Authorities Fair (SMCL), PAVILLON 3 – E91, in the ‘Energy & Climate’ area in Paris.


EdgeSpot Specification [EN]

EdgeSpot Specification [FR]

Stellio Context broker [EN]

Stellio Context broker [FR]

The FIWARE ecosystem [EN]

The FIWARE ecosystem [FR]