Research, development and innovation

Approved supplier for Research Tax Credit and Innovation Tax Credit for the 2020-2022 period, EGM puts its Research and Development capacity at the service of numerous private and public research projects.

Recherche et développement


Villes intelligentes

Acoustic monitoring in smart cities

Acquisition of city noise, analysis and triggering of various actions depending on the case: management of traffic lights to allow the passage of priority vehicles.

Water quality monitoring 2.0

Study of water quality and production in collaboration with our partners for a low energy level  probe  capable of analyzing many factors on a single probe integrating nanotechnologies, making it possible to capture:

  • pH
  • Water pressure
  • Water temperature
  • Dissolved Oxygen Level
  • Contents of Ca, Cl–, Cl, Mg, NO3
  • Measurements of the presence of heavy metals
Agriculture & Big Data

Network solutions and big data processing

Design and Development of a LoRaWAN infrastructure and an analysis and alert generation system based on open-source solutions  for appropriation by SMEs in sub-Saharan African region, within the following domains:

  • Fish farming
  • Agriculture
  • Herd surveillance

Risks and security of connected objects

Research on securing Internet of Things solutions including but not limited to Data Protection. EGM  with its partners has developed:

  • Risk analysis procedures
  • A product allowing the automation of the measurement of the security level of an Internet of Things solution.

Data intelligence

Use of semantic techniques to allow applications to communicate with each other, to use information from different sources while ensuring their interoperability. For example, allowing an application to access information about entertainment offered by cities with different Internet of Things data systems.