The Pyrénées Orientales Council is currently deploying carpool parking on its territory. To ensure that these car parks are useful, it is necessary to understand how they are used and whether they are used appropriately . The questions arising are: How many cars park there every day? What is the average parking time? What types of cars use it? How much CO2 emissions associated with the use of this carpool car park are avoided?

Thus the Departmental Council called on EGM to develop an intelligent counting camera to provide answers to these questions.

The intelligent camera system that has been designed monitors the entry and exit of cars on a carpool parking lot. It detects their passage using an Artificial Intelligence system specially developed for this project that allows sending anonymous detection events (no images, private data of parking users are preserved) to the cloud to calculate statistics presented on a dashboard while preserving the private data of parking users.

This camera has been deployed for about a year and after a period of development, it provides accurate and useful statistics to the department’s road management.