EGM is proud to announce the launch of its 2nd connected irrigation project with the city of Menton.
EGM is one of the 3 companies selected for a 6-month experiment from April to September 2022 for connected watering. The aim is to find the most suitable solution to optimize the watering of the city’s green spaces.
Our solution allows the city to receive information in real time and to adapt its watering according to the real water needs of the plants.
Our first project with the city of Saint-Quentin, carried out with Hostabee, enabled us to achieve 35% water savings for the city’s sports fields.
Our application allows us to generate an optimized schedule that takes into account different sources of data: data from soil moisture sensors, weather data and feedback from the green spaces technical teams. This schedule can be controlled with our application.
The advantage of our solution lies in several points:
*reduction of water consumption by 20% to 50%
*reduction of maintenance operations
*reduction in maintenance operations by the technical services
*increased soil quality and plant health *adaptation to your existing watering system and intuitive application