In collaboration with Matthew James Bailey and the FIWARE Foundation, this brand new white paper focuses on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in making sense of information from cities.

Data is becoming an increasingly strategic part of cities. The potential for exploiting the information that emerges from it can significantly optimize the management of cities on many issues.

With a foreword by Emanuele Bompan, environmental journalist, author and editor-in-chief of Renewable Matter (a FIWARE Foundation media partner), and quotes from industry leaders (American and European) in a variety of fields, this white paper presents some examples of AI-based projects and solutions. These cases are developed by members of the FIWARE community, namely Franck Le Gall, Andrea Gómez, Antonio Jara, Francisco Salas, Jim Craig, Pieter De Jong, Paolo Nesi, Spiros Mazarakis, Laura Machado and Marcos Marconi, who explain how FIWARE has become a major player in establishing the fundamental context management standards needed to create interoperable digital platforms and infrastructures. The stories presented below are just a few of the many concrete examples of how FIWARE is helping cities implement their digital strategy and advance the information society, leading cities to a smart digital future.

EGM’s contribution focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. The deployment of new algorithms needs to be facilitated so that any organization can test, deploy, and eventually monetize its concept without losing its competitive advantage, compared to the development of such an algorithm.

EGM has therefore developed the concept of Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) which allows the deployment of models that consume and generate enriched contextual information. The developed system packages the model in a software container, delivers it to the cloud and establishes all incoming and outgoing data connections. A practical demonstration of this approach is being carried out in the context of intelligent water management in the European Fiware4water project.