Learn all you need to know about FIWARE Smart Cities and Territories. Open to all stakeholders within these domains.

Ahead of the important trade fair and engagement-driven SALON DES MAIRES (November 16-18, Paris), FIWARE, alongside some members and partners, is organising a Hop-on Session (in French language) for all stakeholders within Smart Cities and Territories (the platform hosting the session will be announced in the due course) who want to learn about standard-driven and open source strategies.

Very hands-on and with lots of use cases and insights into real city programs and implementations, diverse market players from the FIWARE Community will demonstrate why using the European smart cities de-facto standard with FIWARE is key to create successful and sustainable solutions for cities.

With contributions from Amazon Web Services, Atos, EGM, Eridanis, Orange and several of FIWARE iHubs from France and Tunisia, the session will also allow you to learn about innovative business that are using FIWARE, meet some FIWARE Experts and network with like-minded open source advocates that will get you up and running on the value of collaboration, open data approach, the role of data economy for the future, how Data Spaces and Digital Twins have become essential parts of the data economy and much more.