EGM seeks to address the lack of innovation in agriculture in particular to address the new challenges of sustainable agriculture. (Our projects : Agriculture – EGM)

Although, there have been many developments in the last 10 years in Smart Farming, technical innovations remain very limited (few sensors, expensive drones, satellites…) and much oriented towards conventional and precision agriculture.

The technical capacity to understand agronomic parameters is currently based on costly laboratory analyses, which limit the understanding of the real issues.

The measurements should enable farmers to be guided towards more sustainable agriculture in order to face the new challenges of climate change and carbon neutrality, soil restoration, etc.

EGM is working on very innovative sensors that allow measurements by low-cost spectrometry, measurements of plant stress (by redox potential), measurements by low-cost hyper-spectral cameras (less than 500 €)

EGM with its partners such as Verre de Terre Production (accueil – Ver de Terre Production) and the CNA (Centre National d’Agroécologie Carbone Fertile – Centre National d’Agroécologie) are trying to promote the importance of digital solutions for the largest number of people and especially for small and medium sized farms with little equipment.

Today, very few farms are equipped. The cost, the lack of interest and the absence of a vision of technology at the service of sustainable agriculture are obstacles that EGM with its partners intends to remove.