A very important announcement for the entire EGM team and its general manager Franck Le Gall, elected new Chairman of the FIWARE water committee. This committee composed of our partners Eurecat (Eurecat Centre Tecnològic – Innovant per a les empreses) and Engineering (https://www.eng.it/) has as its goal: “An open and interoperable digitization of the water sector is a mandatory path to extend existing systems with new capabilities to face the serious challenges that arise throughout the water cycle.”

By 2050, water shortages are expected to affect more than 5 billion people worldwide. The lack of water ressources will not be the only problem, as there is also a significant decline in its quality. Water must be managed and used efficiently to meet the significant challenges posed by climate change and urban growth which threaten the quality of life into cities, the sustainable development of society and the global quality of life.

To respond to this new challenges EGM and FIWARE are therefore setting up a water committee which aims to:

  • move in the direction of the United Nations’ sixth sustainable development goal. It aims to improve the quality of water and the efficiency of its use by ensuring availability, sustainability management and sanitation for all. Good management of water resources is also essential to achieve the objectives of the green transition and have a relevant impact on energy and food production. Key players in the water value chain need to collaborate, break down current information silos and make the most of available data.
  • bring open standards that facilitate the integration of existing and heterogeneous systems, support decision making and bring innovative digital solutions to the water market. The FIWARE ecosystem ensures wide adoption of its NGSI-LD data model by utilities, municipalities, SMEs, the software industry, and the general public.