The Ministry of Ecological Transition has commissioned the FNCCR to lead the Water Saving Club, a group that shares good practices to reduce water consumption. The objective of reducing consumption is set at 10% over 5 years and 25% over 15 years.

With this in mind, the “Water Saving Trophies” were organized, for which EGM was awarded a prize for its intelligent watering project with the city of Saint-Quentin and Hostabee. The city of Saint-Quentin recorded a first positive impact during the summer of 2021, as a 35% reduction in water consumption was observed on land equipped with the smart watering solution compared to another land located nearby but not equipped with the solution. This result is considered robust because the comparison was made on similar land (same soil composition, same period, same weather conditions).

On the occasion of World Water Day, the FNCCR published a catalogue containing the feedback from the 17 initiatives that received awards at the 2021 Water Savings Awards in the following categories:

– Information, communication and user awareness;

– Technical tools for reducing consumption;

– Actions to reduce consumption during periods of water stress;

– Prospective or innovative actions to reduce consumption; and which are the subject of this “catalogue”.