Sara N. Matheu-García, José L. Hernández-Ramos Antonio F. Skarmeta, Gianmarco Baldini, Philippe Cousin and Franck Le Gall, “Towards a Standardized Cybersecurity Certification Framework for the IoT”, whitepaper 2017, January 2018

The presence of IoT devices in the everyday life brings new cybersecurity threats affecting critical infrastructures as part of smart cities. To cope with this issue, the development of a cybersecurity certification framework represents an ambitious initiative, which has attracted an increasing interest from academia, industry and government institutions. However, beyond well-known issues related to expensiveness and flexibility of current solutions, the certification approach must address the dynamic and heterogeneous nature of IoT-enabled environments. In order to address such requirements, this work proposes an architectural framework that aims to provide a precise view of the involved concepts and processes based on security assessment and testing methodologies. While nowadays there is no silver bullet integrated solution, our approach is based on standards and specific technologies currently used in the scope of European initiatives, in order to promote a more standardized vision of a cybersecurity certification framework for the IoT.