Easy Global Market participates in two new projects on February that gathers the whole skills range of the company such as IoT, Big data, Testing and validation…

wazi up logoWAZI-UP kick-off was on February 1st to 4th in Dakar, Senegal. EGM team was obviously there to work with partners from 8 countries to define collaborative basis for a sustainable innovation community and ecosystem in the area.

The project focuses on accelerating Innovation in Africa through EU with a 12 international partners specialized in IoT, Big data… Real-life pilot would be implemented in farming and water sectors to design an interoperable, cost-efficient and open platform.

armour logoThen, ARMOUR will start soon during the month. EGM extends with this project its experience in IoT and testing fields. With the rise of Internet of Things, how to ensure security on systems and devices? The project would give answers by providing duly tested, benchmarked and certified Security & Trust solutions for large-scale IoT using upgraded FIRE large-scale IoT and Cloud testbeds.