EGM introduces innovative technologies to detect harmful insects in vineyards, agricultural fields and other crops. The negative impact of these insect pests on crops shows how crucial it is to spot them early and accurately. This helps reduce excessive use of insecticides by treating crops in a targeted manner and at the most effective time.   

Farmers can now count, detect and recognize the presence of pests such as grapevine eudemis (Lobesia botrana). This technology provides precise and continuous monitoring, implying the need for manual interventions, the use of insecticides, pesticides and phytosanitary treatments. By targeting the application of treatments precisely when and where they are needed, we are working towards more sustainable and economically efficient agriculture.

Our solution integrates predictive models based on the analysis of climate data and insect activity, providing targeted and real-time alerts. This system helps prevent infestations before they become problematic, thereby maintaining crop health and reducing yield losses. Additionally, the system’s ability to adapt to various agricultural environments makes it a solution of choice for farmers around the world. 📈

Our approach is at the center of reducing the environmental impact of agriculture by protecting crops but also the entire ecosystem. EGM aims to transform agriculture by encouraging smarter and greener practices, thereby changing traditional farming methods.

The solution integrates advanced features that simplify agricultural monitoring while maximizing efficiency. The boxes are self-powered and designed to operate without maintenance, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with their management. Permanently connected to the cloud via 4G, they ensure smooth transmission of data collected in the field. Using this data, sophisticated predictive models analyze infestation risk conditions, enabling early and targeted intervention to control populations of insect pests such as Helicoverpa, Ostrinia, and Diabrotica. 📶

The mobile app offers an intuitive dashboard that displays key indicators such as the number of insects captured, temperature and humidity. This dashboard facilitates real-time monitoring and trend analysis, enabling farmers to make intelligent decisions quickly. Installation of the devices is remarkably simple, and once in place, they immediately begin attracting, counting, trapping insects and sending detailed reports via their continuous connection.

In addition to providing digital data, the platform enriches the user experience with graphical visualizations such as maps, photos and charts, making data analysis both comprehensive and accessible. This visual approach helps to precisely locate necessary treatment areas and track changing risks over time, providing a clear, actionable overview for controlling pests. 📷