On may 20th to 21st, a 4-people team from Easy Global Market participated in the Actinspace Hackaton. In 24 hours, each team had to offer a good or service using data, patterns or technology used in space field. Organized by CNES, ESA and ESA Bic Sud France, this edition gathered 13 countries, 1400 participants with 185 experts through the 26 participating cities.

EGM team at Actinspace In Cannes, EGM team get the 3rd position in this contest with the « pututu » solution, developing a participatory application for collecting ocean data. The jury highlighted their good technology understanding (Copernicus Marine Services), the presentation quality and work efficiency. At a regional scale, our team was the first to present a running solution composed by smartphone application and web-user interface.

Based on some Fiware API elements, the presented outcome aimed at identifying sea obstacles (Growlers, containers, whales) to avoid environmental and economic threats linked to shipwrecks and to enhance sea experience for individuals by collecting ocean biological data for scientists.

We really thanks all the organizers and especially all the “coaches”, the jury, and Telecom valley for the quality of organisation at a local scale. EGM showed in Actinspace, a concrete example of platform integration. To be continued…