EGM team made a significant improvement this week by connecting the network LoRa/LPWAN to the middleware platform FIWARE.

As 3G or 4G, LPWAN (The Low-Power Wide-Area Network) is a modulation  technology. The main difference rely on a specific protocol especially designed for IoT topics (Internet of Things). LoRa adopts a specific protocol in order to reduce costs and electricity consumption of connected objects. Open source, LPWAN enables a massive deployment of IoT outbreaking autonomy and communication limits.

Open and royalty-free, based on the same objectives facilitate a cost-effective creation and delivery of Future Internet applications and services, the FIWARE API was a solid pretender for this « meeting ».

The interoperability between both was achieved by EGM by interfacing a « context broker » providing FIWARE NGSI interfaces and enabling data exchange with advanced functions such as update sensors subscription, geolocalization sensors search, command or instruction execution. The LoRa connectivity was brought by Prof. CongDuc Pham from University of Pau, a long term EGM partner. This first connection is the starting point of an extended LoRa based, FIWARE NGSI compliant, sensors deployment.