Ernö Kovacs, Martin Bauer, Jaeho Kim, Jaeseok Yun, Franck Le Gall and Mengxuan Zhao, Standards-based Worldwide Semantic Interoperability For IoT, IEEE Communications Magazine – Communication Standards Supplement, ISSN 0163-6804, December 2016, pp. 40-46, DOI 10.1109/MCOM.2016.1600460CM

Global IoT services (GIoTS) are combining locally available IoT resources with cloud-based services. They are targeting world-wide services. GIoTS require interoperability between the locally installed heterogeneous IoT systems. Semantic processing is an important technology to enable data mediation as well as knowledge-based processing. The authors explain a system architecture for achieving world-wide semantic interoperability using international standards such as oneM2M and the OMA NGSI-9/10 context interfaces.