M.Bauer, H.Baqa et al. “Semantic Interoperability White Paper: Semantic IoT Solutions – A Developer Perspective”, p.57.

This paper is co-authored by an informal group of experts from a broad range of backgrounds, all of whom are active in standards groups, consortia, alliances and/or research projects in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

The idea is to show how IoT systems can be built using semantic technologies, enabling semantic interoperability and thus allowing applications to reuse information originally provided for a specific application or IoT domain. The primary target audience is IoT developers that do not have a previous background in semantic technologies.

The paper describes the different tasks and activities required when building semantic systems. The goal is to enable developers to build systems utilizing semantic technologies. It can be seen as one building block to achieve semantic interoperability in IoT and thus create the basis for a true Internet of Things.