Easy Global Market is getting involved in a new H2020 project : PHANTOM. It aims at developing a cross-layer and multi-objective approach for the next generation of computing systems.

The official start has been done by the consortium gathering 8 partners for 36 months. Research centers, Universities, SMEs from 6 countries (France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom) will participate in to deliver an integrated cross-layer (Hardware and system software / programming environment) for new generations of computing systems, enabling productivity increase in programming.

EGM will work especially in the interopability topics all along the project duration from Cross-layer and cross-application system design, Multi-dimensional optimization on heterogeneous systems, Programmer and productivity oriented software tools to Integration and use case implementation and validation.

In the next months, EGM activity follows a strong dynamics with two more projects on February 2016 such as WAZIUP – Open Innovation Platform for IoT-Big Data in Sub-Saharan Africa – ARMOUR – Large-scale experiments of IoT security trust;

To be continued…