Aliaksei Andrushevich, Bertrand Copigneaux, Rolf Kistler, Alexander Kurbatski, Franck Le Gall and Alexander Klapproth Leveraging Multi-domain Links via the Internet of Things”, 13th International Conference, NEW2AN 2013 and 6th Conference, ruSMART 2013, August 28-30, 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia

This article describes the work on validation and measurement while dealing with integration of heterogeneous IoT systems being done within BUTLER research project. First, we give the brief motivation for integration work and reference the visionary Smart Life scenario hypothetic personas’ day from the year 2020. Presentation of identified security and privacy concerns of IoT deployments follows Smart Life scenario because of inevitable direct impact on large number of human end-users. Development objectives towards integration of heterogeneous IoT systems follow the defined scenario and are accompanied by the IoT technical feasability and user feedback validation targets and measurement values for the four to-be-deployed IoT applications. The architectural system overview of technological enablers of interoperability and interconnection between and within IoT applications are also important parts of the on-going research. The IoT application example gives an understanding on applicability of previously described considerations particularly in Smart Home domain. We round off with discussion on our developments at the end.

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