Charlotte Dupont, Samuel Dupont, Philippe Cousin, IoT for Aquaculture 4.0, IoT Week 2018, GIoTS Paper Session: IoT Applications, Services I, Bilbao, June 4-7, 2018

While aquaculture and IoT have exponentially grown in the world in the last years, the combination of both domains still remains at its early stage. Although water monitoring is at the center of the aquaculture activity, its complexity can often push fish farmers to neglect it. We believe that developing user-friendly IoT tools for fish farming will lead to a new era of connected, responsible and efficient aquaculture. IoT for aquaculture needs to be smart, affordable, easy to deploy, reliable and highly efficient. Artificial Intelligence processing key data given by IoT can also provide new services addressing new challenges facing aquaculture (e.g be efficient but green). In this paper we describe results from European research projects that build the foundation of a new aquaculture 4.0.