A joint FIWARE Community collaboration, this white paper looks at the heart of topics such as resource efficiency, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, resilience to climatic extremes, water resilience, green growth, and many other topics.

Created with the Media Partner Robert Brears (Founder of Our Future Water, Editor-in-Chief of the Palgrave Handbook of Climate Resilient Societies, renowned author, and contributing author for the World Bank’s Water Blog, Asian Development Bank’s Blog, United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s Making It Magazine, as well as the Green Growth Knowledge Platform), this white paper features use cases from the FIWARE Community: EGM, HOPU, Promálaga, Red Hat, SCOREwater, Snap4City, Uni Systems, and VM9, showcasing how they are implementing smart technologies that create future cities.

“Over the next pages, some members of the FIWARE Community, namely Franck Le Gall, Philippe Cousin, Andrea Gómez, Antonio Jara, Francisco Salas, Jim Craig, Pieter De Jong, Paolo Nesi, Spiros Mazarakis, Laura Machado and Marcos Marconi, elaborate on how FIWARE has become a leading voice in establishing the fundamental context management standards needed for the creation of interoperable platforms and digital infrastructures. The stories featured below are just some of the many practical examples of how FIWARE is helping cities to deliver their digital strategy and drive the advancement of an information society, in turn, leading cities into the smart digital future. We are delighted to be sharing this with you today”Cristina Brandtstetter, FIWARE Foundation CMO.