With the soaring world population, rural areas are increasingly giving way to urban spaces. Yet food consumption is increasing at an unprecedented rate. While it is necessary to find sustainable ways to feed the 9.7 billion people who are expected to share space on planet Earth by 2050, the role played by the private, public and non-profit sectors in the creation of sustainable value chains for food is in question. The application and development of new agricultural technologies are sources of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. These activities serve to promote the economic growth of the agri-food sector and other related industries.

The AgriFood DAY Virtual FIWARE Theme Day showcased how members of the FIWARE community foster the development of smart applications, improve the agri-food value chain, strengthen emerging sector activities and, by default, fundamentally contribute to digital transformation of the food industry. During this event,

EGM was able to present the role of agroecology which considers the balance of the soil, in all its components, as a major element of the cycle to increase fertility, promote biodiversity, sequester carbon, and filter the water. The digital challenges specific to agroecology and the response proposed by EGM and its partners were thus addressed.