M. Zhao, J. Lanza, L. Sanchez, J. R. Santana, R. Agarwal, N. Kefalakis, P. Grace, T. Elsaleh, E. Tragos, H. Nguyen, F. Cirillo, R. Steinke, J. Soldatos, Experimentation as a Service over Semantically Interoperable Internet of Things Testbeds,  IEEE Access, IEEE, 2018, 18 (1), pp.51607 – 51625. 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2867452, September 2018

Infrastructures enabling experimental assessment of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are scarce. Moreover, such infrastructures are typically bound to a specific application domain, thus, not facilitating the testing of solutions with a horizontal approach. This paper presents a platform that supports Experimentation as s Service (EaaS) over a federation of IoT testbeds. This platform brings two major advances. Firstly, it leverages semantic web technologies to enable interoperability so that testbed agnostic access to the underlying facilities is allowed. Secondly, a set of tools ease both the experimentation workflow and the federation of other IoT deployments, independently of their domain of interest. Apart from the platform specification, the paper presents how th
is design has been actually instantiated into a cloud-based EaaS platform that has been used for supporting a wide variety of novel experiments targeting different research and innovation challenges. In this respect, the paper summarizes some of the experiences from these experiments and the key performance metrics that this instance of the platform has exhibited during the experimentation.