The EGM testbed for Internet of things protocols, compliance and integration testing is up and running!  Its sensors are energy-autonomous, being powered through energy harvesting (photovoltaic and mechanic). Data interoperability is demonstrated as follow: sensors are connected through MQTT to a FIWARE environment hosted within the Com4Innov FIWARE lab node. Protocol translation from MQTT to NGSI 9/10 is ensured through IoT Agents make EGM data reusable within FIWARE ecosystem of generic enablers.

Semantic interoperability is the next step and will be showcased by interconnecting to a OneM2M platform, as part of our FIESTA project.

NGSI9/10 is the reference standard used for enablers integration  within the FIWARE ecosystem. It has alos be retained by the ‘Open and Agile Smart-Cities (OASC)’ alliance as a reference standard for data and context management in cities.