he domain of water is one of the most important topics for the future, the collection of data from it has become essential to understand, anticipate and find solutions to improve its quality, the management of its resources in water as well as our consumption.

It is for this purpose that EGM organized a series of webinars with partners involved in the domain of water to exchange their work and knowledge on the subject to improve the digitalization of it.

In a webinar, EGM was able to contribute to the topic through its participation in open data hubs and the NGSI-LD data interface which allows a technical contextualization of the environment.

Another webinar presented data models for water management with its inter-domain ontology that allows for simplified and efficient information exchange. This webinar was hosted by the University of Madrid involved in standardization work at ETSI (SAREF4WATER).

Finally, a last webinar presented by the English university of exeter made it possible to understand other aspects such as the simulation of water distribution network by an open model EPANET.

The various exchanges made during these webinars will allow much more efficient data modeling and digitization to enable the implementation of innovative solutions for the water sector.