Easy Global Market still bring its testing and standardization expertise in the automotive industry. After 5G-inFIRE launched in January, EGM representatives participated in the official kick-off of AUTOPILOT, an international project investigating AUTOmated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things.

 On February 6th, held in Satory site of VEDECOM Institute, a reference research center on sustainable and autonomous vehicles, the project launch initiates a 3-year collaboration of 40 world-wide partners. Big industry players such as Continental, IBM, PSA, STMicroelectronics, TomTom, Valeo, Thales…, innovative IoT companies and research centers, will contribute in assessing evolution of autonomous driving performances thanks to IoT devices available in Smart cities.

AUTOPILOT will develop new services on top of IoT to involve autonomous driving vehicles, like car sharing, automated parking or enhanced digital dynamic maps to allow fully autonomous driving. For testing purpose, six permanent large scale pilot sites in Finland, France, Korea, Netherlands, Italy, and Spain will be involved in the project, evaluating the IoT impact of autonomous driving concerning technical, user experience, business and legal aspects. EGM team will concentrates efforts on Development, integration and verification phase bringing a set of IoT skills in interoperability, platform integration and Model Based Testing.