Mengxuan Zhao, Hamza Baqa, Franck Le Gall, Soumya Kanti Datta, Christian Bonnet, Approach for Semantic Interoperability Testing in Internet of Things, IoT Week 2018, Workshop on Semantic Interoperability in the IoT and WoT (Part I), Bilbao, June 4-7, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) systems must support deployment of new services capable of supporting multiple, scalable and cross-domain applications. But the current IoT applications and services are highly fragmented in terms of platform development, data and security. Semantic interoperability is widely acknowledged to be the key to address the challenges and achieve the full potential of the IoT systems. Although semantic interoperability has received increased attention in the recent days, the current IoT systems lack means for testing that. This paper describes our approach for semantic interoperability testing in the IoT. We have identified three main requirements for semantic tests – (i) lexical check, (ii) syntactic check and (iii)
semantic checks. To examine semantic interoperability between IoT systems, we define two types of tests – (i) semantic conformance test and (ii) interoperability test. The operational steps are presented along with detailed test scenarios.