Mengxuan Zhao, Franck Le Gall, Philippe Cousin, Gilles Orazi, Genevieve Fontaine, Philippe Chemla, A First Step Toward an IoT Network Dedicated to The Sustainable Development of a Territory, IoT Week 2018, GIOTS Workshop on Scaling Up IoT – Pilots & Scalability, End-User and Market Adoption, Data Protection and Exploitation, Cross-Domain and Smart Cities Integration, Bilbao, June 4-7,2018

Digital technologies are one of the keys to bring solutions to the current ecological transition issues, and Internet of Things are even more inevitable in our everyday life. The objective of the study and the experiment presented in this paper is a first step of the Grasse territory to try to find out the concrete answer to the question of which gain could provide the IoT to a territory and under which conditions. This paper describes the overall approach that the Grasse territory actors follow to establish an IoT network serving the citizens, companies, institutions, elected representatives, etc.: what are the steps towards such deployment and what are the key interests. The technical realization is then presented to demonstrate the current development of this network and platform. After the first setting-up of the platform, the next steps are especially to involve more people, to address more use cases and to extend the network technically. The feedbacks of the usage of the platform are essential to the initial purpose: the sustainable development of a Territory.