From the 9th to the 13th of September took place the 7th Hackfest of the Open Source Mano in Patras in Greece.

OSM is an open source of management and orchestration aligned with ETSI NFV information models. It is a community run by different operators that provides an open source of production quality that meets the requirements of commercial NFV networks.

This meeting was an opportunity to learn and share with the various developers and managers of OSM modules.

EGM had the opportunity to present a verification and validation (V&V) module connected to OSM for evaluation of Network Virtualized Features (VNF) before their deployment in production.

The presentation was illustrated by an application in the field of smart-manufacturing (data collection of plastic molding machines). This module is part of the 5GTANGO and 5GinFIREprojects

These features will reduce the time to deploy new network features and the development of validated application ecosystems for 5G networks.