EGM initiated with the european consortium the new research project : ARMOUR.

20, 34 or even 50 billion of connected devices in 2020… The estimates vary widely whereas all experts agreed on the significant potential of IoT. Usually perceived by industry as a way to control and monitor the production and maintenance process, IoT progressively appears as a value added leverage, enhancing the customer experience, generating new revenues by improving services. Gartner study recently underlined the acceleration of technology adoption with a 50% rise of number of user companies by the end of 2016.

Even if devices are still more efficient, the IoT mass-adoption are intrinsically linked to the data management. Security concerns, Privacy are both the main inhibitors of its development within the companies. The new H2020, ARMOUR, aims at giving trust and security guarantees to enhance the use of this technology with three main objectives such as:

  • Upgrade FIRE testbeds for supporting large-scale IoT Security & Trust experiments
  • Provide experimented solutions for Secure & Trusted large-scale IoT environments
  • Benchmarks, framework and certification for Secured & Trusted large-scale IoT

The official kick-off was held in Portugal on February 24th, gathering the whole consortium composed by European universities, SMEs and research centers. EGM team will work during this 3-year project in the upstream-downstream phase with the definition of experiments and requirements and exploitation plan but also in the core part of ARMOUR with a role in test generation strategies for large-scale IoT security testing, testing and certification process, one of the core skills of Easy Global Market.