Out of the 1000 SMEs start-ups funded under the FIWARE program, 15 have been selected to compete within the VIP Programme. This program aims to highlight the most promising projects; not only businesswise, but regarding a profound use and technical deployment of FIWARE technologies that should profit the whole Open Source community.

Among these 15 SMEs, 5 were coached by EGM in respect with technology architecture and FIWARE integration. These are:

  • AlzhUp is a socio-health service based on Nonlogo-alzhup Pharmacological Therapies. It aims to increase the QoL of not only patients with Alzheimer’s, but also of the caregivers and family by customizing the various therapies. It makes use of validated NFT, completely digitized and scientifically validated, that covers 7 different cognitive areas with a special methodology, The Cognitive Train.
  • EverImpact monitors CO2 greenhouse gas emissions in logo-ever-impactreal-time for cities, using a combination of satellites and ground sensors. With a turn-key solution to get accurate data to monitor their climate plans, cities can now report and verify their emissions’ reductions, access the carbon trading markets and fight climate change.
  • Neuro At Home provides a rehabilitation platform for logo-neuro-at-homequantified, pre-prescribed therapy services. It allows healthcare professionals to prescribe physical and cognitive therapy for sustained injuries as well as promoting active aging for senior citizens. It can be used during the initial recovery process in hospitals or prescribed for use in community and home settings, increasing efficiency, improving outcomes and easing access to the therapy.
  • Umanick is specialized in biometric technologies for people logo-humanickidentification using fingerprint, iris, face, and voice recognition. The solution is integrated with the hospital or medical center processes and information systems to avoid patient harm, fraud and to reduce healthcare spending.
  • Zebra Academy´s goal is to develop an open medicallogo-zebra-academycommunication platform for pre-to post-hospital treatment, by implementing real item audio-video interaction between medical personnel and patients. They also provide additional expert consulting to enable integration with Zebra solutions to speed up workflows and triage opportunities.

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