Easy Global Market is still really active in extending its R&D and applying it into vertical fields. Core skills in testing, IoT platform integration, smart sensing and related communication devices… will be spread out in the working group.

Created in 2014, NetWorld2020 is the European Technology Platform for communications networks and services gathering the main industry leaders, innovative SMEs, and leading academic institutions. As we go digitized, there is a strong need for efficient communications networks and services enabling interaction between users of various types of equipment, either mobile or fixed.

In a such context, with the significant economy role of SMEs, NetWorld 2020 created working groups to deploy 5G technologies matching with various sectors needs. As member of Mov’eo, ITS cluster, EGM will bring its knowledge on the automotive field, hence fostering 5G implementation and contributing on test methods organization. Interoperability, conformance testing, validation, in a scalable way are key points for a proper development of ITS, Intelligent Transport Systems.

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