On January 11th to 12th, Philippe Cousin, CEO, and Franck Le Gall, CTO, participated in the official kick-off of the project held in Heidelberg, Germany. Evolving FIRE into a 5G-Oriented Experimental Playground for Vertical Industries, that is the main objective of this H2020 project gathering 10 high-level experts from 6 european countries and from Brazil.

 The integration of digital and communication technologies in our existing, traditional and industrial sectors, the upcoming “fourth industrial revolution” mainly relies on our capability to provide a sustainable environment integrating reliable and fast communication technologies. 5G networks and associated technologies are perceived as key pillars for the initiation of this new industrial  era while opening new stakes about standardization. Large scale deployment of such technical innovation raises concerns about how to ensure an unified and holistic environment but also how to combine and integrate the specific requirements of a myriad of heterogeneous industrial players.

5GinFIRE will aims at building and operating an Open, and Extensible 5G NFV-based Reference (Open5G-NFV) ecosystem of Experimental Facilities. Partners will focus firstly on the automotive industry to create a common and reproducible basis for integration of FIRE facilities, an open and standardized architecture enabling convergence with other vertical fields. In the creation of this unique experimentation playground, Easy Global Market will be mainly active in 5G Infrastructure Integration and Experimentation Enablement, Experimentation Architect Tooling with a strong support in dissemination, exploitation and Standardization steps.

Pictures credits : Unsplash / why kei