On November 11th, Easy Global Market, as member and IoT expert, participated in the 4thgeneral assembly of the AIOTI alliance. Overview of what’s up in the IoT world.

Launched by the European Commission, the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) aims at designing the future of the Internet of Things by stimulating cooperation between more

than 500 members, giving strong support for standardization, strengthening integration of technologies in vertical and horizontal fields…. From this first initiative, AIOTI is now structuring itself, becoming a recognised European Association. The creation of this legal entity is a main step, giving a strong impulse for IoT development with a formal representative for EU IoT ecosystem.

Member driven association, EGM is strongly involved and bring its experience within the working groups, giving feedbacks on standardisation, testing, platform integration and pilots experience. On the coming actions, AIOTI still engage its members in the vertical :horizontal working groups, starts working on building a European Technology Platform (ETP) and just released its new website aioti.org.