Project info

Funded under the first F-Interop open call.

SemTest – SEMantic compliance and interoperability TESTing tools

Semantic technology is argued to be a way to address the interoperability problem in IoT, a highly dynamic and heterogeneous environment. With a syntactical and semantical verifier designed and developed, we would like to bring the tool to F-interop framework to allow a larger number of market stakeholders to perform semantic interop tests in order to benefit from semantic technology.
Within SemTest, Easy Global Market, associated to Eurecom, a research centre, both involved in on-going standardisation activities in oneM2M and W3C are proposing the integration of new tools form semantic compliance and interoperability testing. This will build upon results obtained in other running FIRE projects (FIESTA, FESTIVAL) thus strengthening the F-Interop positioning in the FIRE ecosystem. Proposed tool will address syntactical and semantical validation and will propose new approaches for the not yet explored field of semantic interoperability testing.
The project, winner of the first F-Interop open call, hence contribute increasing the variety of the tests offered by F-interopplatform to increase its attractiveness but also to provide semantic validation tool to enable marketconfidence building in semantic standards (oneM2M, W3C, SSN, etc.)