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BIORECER – Biological Resources Certifications Schemes

The transition to a bioeconomy is expected to bring substantial environmental and economic benefits. However, biobased production systems still present significant environmental challenges (e.g. seasonality and high spatial distribution of available resources, variability of critical physico-chemical properties, etc.), and there is a need for suitable assessment methods. specificities of these systems. The EU 2018 Bioeconomy Strategy aims to develop a circular and sustainable bioeconomy for Europe, strengthening the links between economy, society and environment. It takes up global challenges such as achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations and the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

BIORECER aims to guarantee the environmental performance and traceability of organic raw materials used by bio-industries, by deploying master plans to strengthen current certification systems. BIORECER is structured in three major innovation actions:

  1. Develop a multi-dimensional assessment framework for aggregate analysis of biological resources and their associated value chains.
  2. Create an innovation ecosystem living-lab with a multi-agent approach, testing the approach in 4 pilot deployments.
  3. Complement the current certification systems for biological resources by including new criteria to certify the sustainability, origin and traceability of biological resources and ensure applicability at European and global level.

Within this project, EGM manages and develops the project’s IT platform allowing collection and traceability of processes and transactions along the value chain.

The use cases explored include:

  • Fisheries (Spain)
  • Urban bio-waste (Italy)
  • Agriculture (Greece)
  • Forestry (Sweden)