ASTRAL – Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) farming.

ASTRAL applications target not only to improve certain production aspects, but to develop and demonstrate a new aquaculture paradigm building on top of IMTA concept and offering innovations for better insights and optimal decision-making and actuation in aquaculture.

The aim is to provide an architecture targeting deployment of intelligent functions in the network to support the development of a sustainable aquaculture. A beyond state of the art approach is proposed building upon latest advances in the field of distributed IoT and AI. The overall architecture build upon open initiatives and standards to federates real IoT devices/platforms of different vendors in order to offer the on-demand access to a pool of configurable IoT (and computing) resources.

These innovations are required to capitalize on overall benefits and costs of unique approach such as IMTA to the ecosystem and the environment, which are needed to create financial and regulatory incentives for industry and government to invest in such approaches. ASTRAL is pushing innovative aspects in term of products, process, services, and business organization.

EGM oversaw the development and implementation of sensors and IoT/AI to foster the development of sustainable aquaculture and particularly the WP3.