WATERVERSE – Water Data Management Ecosystem for Water Data Spaces

Data-intensive technologies are being adopted in the water sector (multi-parameter sensing infrastructures, SCADA systems and control centres, earth observation data, consumption statistics, analytical network operations, digital twins). However, the actual use of data is hampered by strong data ownership approaches (data retention) due to the perception that data sharing is a risk of privacy leakage, security aspects of infrastructures, unclear business models, poor data quality (unreliable, too dispersed, not usable, not available in real time and not shareable), as well as fragmentation and conservative attitude of users Data spaces, as foreseen by the European Data Strategy, can make data sovereignty a reality that will help overcome the above challenges.

WATERVERSE’s mission is to develop a water data management ecosystem to make data on water sector management practices and resources accessible, affordable, secure, equitable and easy to use, improve usability in data exploitation and interoperability of processes, thus reducing barriers to entry into data spaces, improving the resilience of water services and increasing the perceived value of data and thus the market opportunities behind it.

Within this project, EGM is investing in:

  • The development of anonymisation bricks for data flows
  • The implementation of FAIR (Easy to Find, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data management processes using the NGSI-LD standard
  • Supporting the deployment of pilot sites (Netherlands, Germany, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Spain, Finland