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IFishIENCi – Smart feeding using IoT and AI

With an annual growth rate of about 6 to 8% since 2000, aquaculture has been identified as the world’s most promising source of fish protein. Yet, feed is one of the major cost in fish production, representing 20 to 50% of the operational costs, and one of the major constraints for industry growth due to limited sources of sustainable raw materials.

In this context, the aim of iFishIENCi (Intelligent fish feeding through integration of enabling technologies and circular principle) is to bring together the expertise of 16 partners in order to improve fish farming worldwide and support sustainable aquaculture. This implies to develop more effective ways of monitoring fish-health and welfare as well as optimize ways of feeding fish by using a larger proportion of feed ingredients coming from marine production, valorisation of by products and reuse of wastes

 Easy Global Market is in charge of IoT and IA in this project supporting development and integration of  Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence based solutions  to improve smart feeding systems leading to a reduction of environmental impact of undigested and uneaten feed.