Philippe Cousin, White Paper on flexible approach for semantic validation in the context of Internet of Things, October 2016

This paper provides an overview of the new challenges related to syntactical and semantical validation of ontologies in the context of Internet of Things. It provides an overview of the Easy Global Market validation tool functionalities which are able to validate RDF data and ontologies against referenced ontologies. This tool combines 3 main functionalities: lexical validation of XML/JSON format, syntactic validation of an ontology file and RDF data regarding to standard specifications (rdfs, owl, etc) and a given reference ontology, and semantic validation. Several improvements of the tool are under research.
Firstly, it will be integrated within the Easy Global Market tool chain for IoT providing users with a unified experience for testing of their IoT deployments and increase reliability, interoperability and security of such deployments. Second, increased support will be provided to developers by the addition of a recommendation system helping developers to understand the validation results and providing suggestions to repair the reported errors and make the ontology or RDF linked data valid. Thirdly, an extension toward the validation of annotated data within domains context is foreseen and efforts are being made to scale such approaches to align with Big Data and stream analytics requirements. Finally, the automated matching and ontology alignment is under research to automate the process of determining correspondences between concepts in other to self-improve interoperability between different ontologies developed within the IoT domain.