Abbas Ahmad, Fabrice Bouquet, Elizabeta Fourneret, Bruno Legeard, Chapter One – Model-Based Testing for Internet of Things Systems, Editor(s): Atif M. Memon, Advances in Computers, Elsevier, Volume 108, 2018, Pages 1-58, ISSN 0065-2458, ISBN 9780128151198,, November 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is nowadays globally a mean of innovation and transformation for many companies. Applications extend to a large number of domains, such as smart cities, smart homes, healthcare, etc. The Gartner Group estimates an increase up to 21 billion connected things by 2020. The large span of ’things’ introduces problematic aspects, such as interoperability due
to the heterogeneity of communication protocols and the lack of a globally-accepted standard. The large span of usages introduces problems regarding secure deployments and scalability of the network over large-scale infrastructures. This article describes the challenges for the IoT testing, includes state-of-the-art testing of IoT systems using models, and presents a Model-Based Testing
As A Service approach to respond to its challenges through demonstrations with real use cases involving two of the most accepted standards worldwide : FIWARE and oneM2M.