Wenbin Li, Franck Le Gall and Naum Spaseski, A Survey on Model-Based Testing Tools for Test Case Generation, ICIS series, SPRINGER, proceedings 4th international conference on Tools and Methods of Program Analysis , TMPA 2017, Moscow, Russia, March 3-4, 2017

Compared to traditional testing methods, Model-Based Testing (MBT) is able to manage and accomplish testing tasks in a cheaper and more efficient way. A number of MBT tools are developed to support MBT activities in the past few years, whereas the characteristics of these tools largely vary from one to another and users without prior knowledge can hardly choose ap-propriate tools. This paper aims at providing a survey on the emerging MBT tools following a list of criteria emphasizing on test case generation while illus-trating aspects of test data and test script generation. Firstly, we introduce the general MBT process for a common understanding; we then present a list of cri-teria oriented to test case generation covering fours dimensions i.e., model specification, test generation, test description and overall support; following our proposed criteria, we survey and characterize the emerging MBT tools; at last we summarize the current limitations based on our survey and shed light on fur-ther directions of MBT tool development.