Mengxuan Zhao, Nikos Kefalakis, Paul Grace, John Soldatos, Franck Le Gall and Philippe Cousin, Towards an Interoperability Certification Method for Semantic Federated Experimental IoT Testbeds, 11th EAI International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities, Hangzhou, June 2016

IoT deployments and then related experiments tend to be highly heterogeneous leading to fragmented and non-interoperable silo solutions. Yet there is a growing need to interconnect such experiments to create rich infrastructures that will underpin the next generation of cross sector IoT applications in particular as using massive number of data. While research have been carried out for IoT test beds and interoperability for some infrastructures less has been done on the data. In this paper, we present the first step of the FIESTA certification method for federated semantic IoT test bed, which provides stakeholders with the means of assessing the interoperability of a given IoT testbed and how it can be federated with other ones to create large facility for experimenter. Focus is given on data and semantic context of the test beds and how they can interoperate together for larger experiments with data.

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