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As a major IoT RTD player, EGM supports your development of intelligent data collection and processing systems.

EGM favors interoperability through the use of open standards and provides you with value-creating solutions geared towards environmental and societal improvement.

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FIWARE AgriFood day: digital challenges for agroecology

15 November 2020|

With the soaring world population, rural areas are increasingly giving way to urban spaces. Yet food consumption is increasing at an unprecedented rate. While it is necessary to find sustainable ways to feed the 9.7 billion people who are expected [...]

Smart irrigation

3 October 2020|

EGM and the SME Hostabee have been selected for the deployment of an intelligent watering solution by the city of St Quentin. This deployment follows several experiments by the city to automate the optimization of the watering of its sports grounds which [...]

Greencities 2020 – Digitalising the Future of Water

28 September 2020|

Linking the physical and digital world with Open Source and standards for more efficient resource management. Nowadays, a wide range of advanced tools and strategies are used to address pressing challenges in the water sector: from water quality simulations to modelling of [...]

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Greencities 2020 – Digitalising the Future of Water

A joint FIWARE Community collaboration, this white paper looks at the heart of topics such as resource efficiency, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, resilience to climatic extremes, water resilience, green growth, and many other topics. Created with the Media Partner Robert Brears (Founder of Our Future Water, Editor-in-Chief of the Palgrave Handbook of Climate [...]